April 2018 issue of Linux Journal

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Boasting as many pages as most technical books, this month’s issue of Linux Journal comes in at a hefty 178—that’s nearly two dozen articles exploring topics near and dear to everyone from home automation hobbyists to Free Software advocates to hard-core hackers to high-level systems architects.

In this April issue, we take a Deep Dive Into the Cloud. Some of the many articles include:

  • Vendor Lock-in and the Cloud
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Complexities of Cloud Billing
  • Multiprocessing in Python
  • Smart-Home Hacks
  • A Talk with OSI President Simon Phipps
  • Tips for Securing Your Cloud Environment
  • Introducing ONNX: the Open Neural Network Exchange Format
  • EU's New Copyright Laws Attack Open Source
  • Write an Adventure Game in the Terminal with nurses
  • Bash Project: Create Dynamic Wallpaper
  • FOSS Project Spotlight: Ravada