March 2019 Issue of Linux Journal

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Featured articles in this issue include:

  • Arduino from the Command Line: Break Free from the GUI with Git and Vim!
  • Indie Makers Using Single-Board Computers
  • Mycroft: a Privacy-Respecting Digital Assistant
  • Oracle Linux on Btrfs for the Raspberry Pi 
  • PiBox: an Embedded Systems Journey

Additional articles:

  • Text Processing in Rust
  • FOSS Project Spotlight: Daylight Linux Version 3
  • Antennas in Linux
  • Kyle Rankin's Hack and /: Downsides to Raspberry Pi Alternatives
  • Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge: Become Queen Bee for a Day Using Python's Built-in Data Types
  • Dave Taylor's Work the Shell: Fun with Mail Merge and Cool Bash Arrays
  • Zack Brown's diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development
  • Glyn Moody's Open Sauce: By Jupyter—Is This the Future of Open Science?